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My penguin's name is Green Day915. I also have one called Snow Cone534. If you see me walking around and you ask to be my friend I might say yes. Sometimes I say no because I don't know you, but if you talk to me a little before you ask you have a 50% chance of being my friend. Also if you say you've been to my site then I'm more likely to be your friend. I'm usually either on Husky or Toboggan or Snow Flake. I will probably be in the one that has the least amount of people. I am usually at the Town, the Stage, the Cove, the Dance Club or in my friend's (Watle Green) house. She's a member so sometimes it's on the map.
YES!!!! I have finally become a member--but on a different penguin. Puppystarluv!!!!! My house is often on the map so hope to see you there!

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