Club Penguin Cheats

Finding Your Way Around

At the bottom left corner there is your map. If you click on it, it will show you the island of club penguin. All the little buildings are places, try clicking on them and see what they do.

Becoming a Secret Agent/Tourguide

For a secret agent you have to be 30 days old, and you click on the M in the top right corner. This will give you a quiz and if you pass, log out and log back in again and you will be able to go to HQ. A tourguide you have to be 45 days old. Then you go to either the Plaza or the Ski Village and click on the sign that says 'Tours.' Then you will take a quiz, and if you get the answers right you will get a tourguide hat.

Do you want to know more about Club Penguin???

 Let me show you this fun video!!!!! This is one person playing a game on Club Penguin called Catching Waves.


Rockhopper is the most famous penguin on Club Penguin. He is a Pirate Penguin. He brings items every  month or so for your penguin to wear. Also he brought red puffles. He has one of his own, called Yarr (read more in his journal on his ship) If you meet him and make friends with him he will give you a background that says Capt. Rockhopper on it and a picture of himself. I have never met hims so I can not give much more detail, but what I do know is that he is VERY hard to find.  


Puffles are a Penguin's best friend. They are little furry puffy creatures that crawl around in your igloo. Of course they are alive so you have to feed them, play with them, let them have naps, and walk them. DIfferent colored ones have different personalities. For instance, the Black one likes to skate board, the purple one likes to blow bubbles. But non-members can only get blue and red ones. Red ones like to bowl and they like to be shot out of a cannon. Blue ones love to play with balls.


Members can purchase clothing, furniture, and bigger igloos. Unfortunately, non-members can't, and becoming a member costs money. It is very fun being a member, but I think it is just as fun not being one. The membership only lasts a couple months anyway so you cant use your clothes and furniture after either so I think it is a waste of time and money. Non-members can get the free items at parties though. Which includes hats, necklaces, glasses, shirts and so on. So you still get a whole bunch of stuff!!!!!!